Terry Hiatt Guitars

Terry Hiatt Guitars

The Musician

Terry Hiatt

Terry has been performing around the Bay Area forever, most recently as a sideman for a bunch of singers including Lara Price, Kay Bohler, E. C. Scott, and occasionally Pam Hawkins. Terry’s played blues, country, rock, funk and standards – basically American music. Every now and then he fronts his own band “Big Science.”

Prior to that Terry worked a seven-year house band gig with Appaloosa at the Saddle Rack (a local dance club) playing country and rock. He’s also hosted jam sessions throughout the Bay Area.

Terry also brings a real energy to every performance, firing up the crowd with his intensity and playing. His love of music comes out in every performance.

Here’s some footage of Terry entertaining the crowd at JJ’s Blues.

If you’re interested in having Terry play at your venue or with your band, head on over to the Contact page and let him know!